Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lebed NIA Broadvision Facebook IPO

Revisiting the Broadvision touting by Lebed. Lebed continues to tout misinformation and outright lies.

On the 6 of January it stated that, "BVSN is in what will be the HOTTEST industry of 2011 with Facebook's IPO expected in April!"

On the 19th of January in its recent information it touted, "BVSN is finally going to receive the massive exposure it deserves at Digital London and then just a few weeks later in May will be the IPO of Facebook!"

Which in the case of Broadvision has very limited exposure to the social media in terms of revenue. It's other two products (K2 and QuickSilver) continue to decline in revenue and legacy maintenance revenue. ClearVale has not materially changed the outlook of the company and its continued declines in revenue and its cash flow. For four STRAIGHT YEARS Broadvision revenue has declined. Not a company which investors should warm up to if you like valuations to increase. High growth companies such as Netflix, VMWare shares have grown due in part to its expansion in revenue and product lines and strong management. Looking at the the charts Broadvision has been one of the worst performing stocks compared to the DOW, NASDAQ, and its peers.

In a span of a couple of weeks it has already stated a change in date with no sort of correction in its previous touting.

Besides that one issue that was raised by Timothy Sykes a noted independent investor, stated that Broadvision 10-Q filing with the SEC had only $37 million compared to the $56.79 million that Lebed stated. Again, if that were the case then Broadvision is trading a a significant premium over its previous misinformation.

The 10-Q can be founded here:

Lebed continues to mislead investors and the general public regarding companies that it said it has done research. Without hard facts and details companies such as Broadvision are to be avoided.

Feel free to chime in over at the SEC, and file a report against Lebed for stating misinformation and have operations such as Lebed shut down.

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