Friday, January 20, 2012

Lebed NIA Broadvision BVSN

During a recent updated tout of Broadvision as a "leading" social platform and touting it's enterprise value. Both K2 and QuickSilver unforunately have had continued revenue and maintenance revenue decline for the past couple of years. Enough that analysts from Wall Street have removed itself from covering Broadvision due to the lack of interest from its clients. Wall Street does not remove itself from coverage unless the company fails to garner much interest because of future business that it may seek from the company such as underwriting, consulting, and a variety of potential business oppertuntities.
The NIA recently was charging prospective members $100 for its report partly involving Broadvision. Although, all of their recent newsworthy information is readily available to the public. The Softbank news has been out a while and although a positive to boost potential gains in user base it remains to be seen if this will have a net positive to its bottom line.
I will provide more information following Broadvision's earnings announcement. Broadvision remains a distressed stock that has seen very lukewarm interest prior to the recent pump by the NIA and Lebed. As previously posted Lebed from prior toutings seeks to have additional business from prior "investor relations".
As stated in its recent 10-Q report Broadvision has only 38.7 Million versus the 56.79 Million that the NIA and Lebed have stated. This is an outright deceptive practice that Lebed and NIA have presented to the investing public.

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