Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lebed NIA Pump And Dump Broadvision BVSN

Revisiting equities recently I've discovered Lebed and it's recent pump and dump scam. Recently Lebed and the NIA (National Inflation Association) have been touting the great business of Broadvision. Unfournately, Lebed has touted countless equities and has had issues with the SEC.
Peter Schiff a well respected member in the investing community who has interest in the firm EuroCapital states that Lebed and the NIA misrepresent the companies that they tout.
Here are two videos that explain this:
A follow-up post will expand on the pump and dump with Lebed and the NIA. Proceed with extreme caution with Broadvision. Broadvision has lost investors over 98% of its original asset over the course of Broadvision's history if you were to cash out within this past week.

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