Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CNBC Broadvision BVSN Lebed

CNBC today provided a bit more color with regards to Broadvision and its promote hype.

The video outlines the sharp downfall of Broadvision which was once valued at over 13 BILLION to its current valuation of a little under 200 million market cap. Unfortunately, since that time Broadvision's revenue has dropped sharply as has its fortunes.

With penny stock newsletter promoters such as Lebed who as mentioned before had a settlement with the SEC, be very cautious of this pump and dump scammer. Be wary of their PR Newswire feeds, as they have very little in terms of real analysis. The last remaining analysts from Wall Street had dropped through coverage from 2005 on. Now is the time to find out if Broadvision had any insider knowledge, or if Lebed or NIA had knowledge of certain key releases. The SEC would be be very open to hear from you, Lebed.


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