Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broadvision BVSN 1/26/2012 Earnings Release

Broadvision announced its earnings today, and it seem to be business as usual. Nothing to change the mind regarding its near-term future.

Broadvision did finally address that it had no material knowledge of the unusual trading activity.

Revenue remained flat compared to its prior quarter at $4.2 million. However, down again year over year compared to the $5.2 million in revenue from 2010.

Net loss grew from the prior quarter at $0.40 a share compared to $0.36 during the prior quarter.

Full year revenue announced was down from 2010. Revenue declined from $21.8 million to $17.6 million.

And cash and equiva declined from $56.8 million to $54.4 million.

Until Broadvision gains paid users from its ClearVale Express base it will be a while before Broadvision becomes profitable.

The lack of clarity regarding its recent trading activity also caused turmoil in its shares and again left investors and shareholders holding the bag.

Nothing has changed to really swing the numbers back to the positive side with ClearVale to help its other lines of business. Till that happens Broadvision is still ranked as one of the lower tier companies within the industries and social media space competing against the well funded likes of Jive, Saba, SalesForce, and Yammer.

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