Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yammer continues to push its tools past Broadvision on the enterprise

With the lack of posts from Lebed and the NIA regarding Broadvision (BVSN) I would like to touch on a point with regards to one of Broadvision's competitor, Yammer.

As Yammer continues to reach itself to start ups and to the enterprise they are one of the exhibitors at Netsuite's SuiteWorld 2012.

Netsuite SuiteWorld 2012 Exhibitors

This is one of the fundamental issues with Broadvision. They haven't been able to capture attention from the larger enterprise players. With weak macro economics in Europe one of Broadvision's larger markets, Broadvision will have to find a way to compete with more flexible and better funded competitors. Without getting itself out into the public Broadvision will remain a lower tier has been rather than the ambitious tout that Lebed and NIA would lead one to believe.

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