Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Herb Greenberg CNBC Broadvision BVSN Lebed NIA

Herb Greenberg of CNBC had a number of tweets on Twitter pertaining to Broadvision, Lebed, and the NIA.

It's good to have a reporter show that independent coverage can disclose something very wrong with the financial markets.

Final point: I've emailed lebed, asking if he is associated with NIA. Will report back if/when he does. And I'm sure he will.

These PROMOTES are so obvious. $BVSN reports earnings Thurs. Onward...

So $BVSN is hot b/c competitor $JIVE went public. What promoters don't tell you is that 1 JIVE underwriter initiated w/neutral.

Oh, my just reading a PROMOTE of $BVSN. And PROMOTE it is!

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