Monday, January 30, 2012

Lebed mPhase Technologies XDSL.OB

Lebed, famous for recently pumping Broadvision BVSN has also touted other stocks in the past.

One from the prior year was also touted by him as one of his top picks. That pick is mPhase Technologies. Around .60 he had touted this stock as the next big riser due to its patents.

When the pump doesn't work or has fulfilled Lebed obligation to their own stake and to their third party the stock craters.

Such as mPhase which is currently trading at $0.002. You wouldn't be able to cash a penny off of this stock because it is nearly worthless.

Here's an interesting article about Lebed and his prior top pump and dump:

This leads to question the intention of Lebed, and his other site in which he has an interest in, the NIA, National Inflation Association. Don't get caught in the tout of stocks such as Broadvision. The recent quarterly release speaks for itself.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broadvision BVSN 1/26/2012 Earnings Release

Broadvision announced its earnings today, and it seem to be business as usual. Nothing to change the mind regarding its near-term future.

Broadvision did finally address that it had no material knowledge of the unusual trading activity.

Revenue remained flat compared to its prior quarter at $4.2 million. However, down again year over year compared to the $5.2 million in revenue from 2010.

Net loss grew from the prior quarter at $0.40 a share compared to $0.36 during the prior quarter.

Full year revenue announced was down from 2010. Revenue declined from $21.8 million to $17.6 million.

And cash and equiva declined from $56.8 million to $54.4 million.

Until Broadvision gains paid users from its ClearVale Express base it will be a while before Broadvision becomes profitable.

The lack of clarity regarding its recent trading activity also caused turmoil in its shares and again left investors and shareholders holding the bag.

Nothing has changed to really swing the numbers back to the positive side with ClearVale to help its other lines of business. Till that happens Broadvision is still ranked as one of the lower tier companies within the industries and social media space competing against the well funded likes of Jive, Saba, SalesForce, and Yammer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Herb Greenberg CNBC Broadvision BVSN Lebed NIA

Herb Greenberg of CNBC had a number of tweets on Twitter pertaining to Broadvision, Lebed, and the NIA.

It's good to have a reporter show that independent coverage can disclose something very wrong with the financial markets.

Final point: I've emailed lebed, asking if he is associated with NIA. Will report back if/when he does. And I'm sure he will.

These PROMOTES are so obvious. $BVSN reports earnings Thurs. Onward...

So $BVSN is hot b/c competitor $JIVE went public. What promoters don't tell you is that 1 JIVE underwriter initiated w/neutral.

Oh, my just reading a PROMOTE of $BVSN. And PROMOTE it is!

CNBC Broadvision BVSN Lebed

CNBC today provided a bit more color with regards to Broadvision and its promote hype.

The video outlines the sharp downfall of Broadvision which was once valued at over 13 BILLION to its current valuation of a little under 200 million market cap. Unfortunately, since that time Broadvision's revenue has dropped sharply as has its fortunes.

With penny stock newsletter promoters such as Lebed who as mentioned before had a settlement with the SEC, be very cautious of this pump and dump scammer. Be wary of their PR Newswire feeds, as they have very little in terms of real analysis. The last remaining analysts from Wall Street had dropped through coverage from 2005 on. Now is the time to find out if Broadvision had any insider knowledge, or if Lebed or NIA had knowledge of certain key releases. The SEC would be be very open to hear from you, Lebed.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jive Software Social Media Platform

With the recent hype of the depressed corporation Broadvision comes additional spotlight of stocks in the space. Jive Software the leader in this space today had new price targets by large Wall Street firms.

Jive Software initiated with a Neutral at Goldman
Target $16

Jive Software initiated with an Overweight at Morgan Stanley
Target $20

Jive Software initiated with a Market Perform at Wells Fargo
Valuation range is $15-17

Sunday, January 22, 2012

National Inflation Association NIA pump and dump

Speaking in context of Broadvision, here's an additional video by Peter Schiff detailing the operations of the NIA (National Inflation Association).

Broadvision BVSN Key Statistics

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lebed NIA Broadvision BVSN

During a recent updated tout of Broadvision as a "leading" social platform and touting it's enterprise value. Both K2 and QuickSilver unforunately have had continued revenue and maintenance revenue decline for the past couple of years. Enough that analysts from Wall Street have removed itself from covering Broadvision due to the lack of interest from its clients. Wall Street does not remove itself from coverage unless the company fails to garner much interest because of future business that it may seek from the company such as underwriting, consulting, and a variety of potential business oppertuntities.
The NIA recently was charging prospective members $100 for its report partly involving Broadvision. Although, all of their recent newsworthy information is readily available to the public. The Softbank news has been out a while and although a positive to boost potential gains in user base it remains to be seen if this will have a net positive to its bottom line.
I will provide more information following Broadvision's earnings announcement. Broadvision remains a distressed stock that has seen very lukewarm interest prior to the recent pump by the NIA and Lebed. As previously posted Lebed from prior toutings seeks to have additional business from prior "investor relations".
As stated in its recent 10-Q report Broadvision has only 38.7 Million versus the 56.79 Million that the NIA and Lebed have stated. This is an outright deceptive practice that Lebed and NIA have presented to the investing public.

Broadvision Investor Relations BVSN

For those following the Broadvision hype, those that are concerned with the penny stock salesman Lebed should e-mail Broadvision to see if they have any connection regarding its recent unusual trading.

Email for investor relations at Broadvision.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jonathan Lebed Fox Business Interview

As discussed in an earlier post that Jonathan Lebed has been hyping a negative growth, negative earnings company.

Here Lebed in an interview on Fox Business gives an interview of his practices or there lack of it. The lack of ethical behavior is apparent as the prior post of Broadvision suggests. Without looking at the 10-Q one would have foolishly thought that Broadvision has more cash than it suggested by Lebed.

The company that Lebed had touted is currently trading at $0.00. The stock Surfect Holdings Inc SUFH was $0.20 when Lebed had touted it with a confidence rating of 2. If you would have bought this and not got out in time you would have been writing this off since the company is defunct.

Lebed NIA Broadvision Facebook IPO

Revisiting the Broadvision touting by Lebed. Lebed continues to tout misinformation and outright lies.

On the 6 of January it stated that, "BVSN is in what will be the HOTTEST industry of 2011 with Facebook's IPO expected in April!"

On the 19th of January in its recent information it touted, "BVSN is finally going to receive the massive exposure it deserves at Digital London and then just a few weeks later in May will be the IPO of Facebook!"

Which in the case of Broadvision has very limited exposure to the social media in terms of revenue. It's other two products (K2 and QuickSilver) continue to decline in revenue and legacy maintenance revenue. ClearVale has not materially changed the outlook of the company and its continued declines in revenue and its cash flow. For four STRAIGHT YEARS Broadvision revenue has declined. Not a company which investors should warm up to if you like valuations to increase. High growth companies such as Netflix, VMWare shares have grown due in part to its expansion in revenue and product lines and strong management. Looking at the the charts Broadvision has been one of the worst performing stocks compared to the DOW, NASDAQ, and its peers.

In a span of a couple of weeks it has already stated a change in date with no sort of correction in its previous touting.

Besides that one issue that was raised by Timothy Sykes a noted independent investor, stated that Broadvision 10-Q filing with the SEC had only $37 million compared to the $56.79 million that Lebed stated. Again, if that were the case then Broadvision is trading a a significant premium over its previous misinformation.

The 10-Q can be founded here:

Lebed continues to mislead investors and the general public regarding companies that it said it has done research. Without hard facts and details companies such as Broadvision are to be avoided.

Feel free to chime in over at the SEC, and file a report against Lebed for stating misinformation and have operations such as Lebed shut down.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jonathan Lebed: Stock Manipulator, S.E.C. Nemesis -- and 15

Here's an interesting read by Michael Lewis regarding Jonathan Lebed who is currently touting stocks over the Internet.

Broadvision BVSN Hype or Reality

Broadvision has been garnering attention recently from the recent release in information from Lebed's mailing list. If you haven't heard of Jonathan Lebed, he gained the attention of the SEC while hyping stocks and selling them leaving others holding the bag. The SEC fined him and required that he give up a fair amount of his gains. Lebed is not touted as an analyst as he does not hold any of the required licensing to be bonded by securities law.

Now on to Broadvision. Broadvision sells business to business on-line platforms. Their newest push is into social media. They announced today that they are partnering to use its platform to host the event Digital London March 13-14, 2012.

Unfortunately, I don't foresee much in terms of gains for shareholders until Broadvision significantly boosts its cash flow and revenue. Lebed has touted that this company will receive attention in the space because of the upcoming potential Facebook IPO. Broadvision's platform ClearVale has only been on the market a limited time. Because of this it has not been seen as the leader of the B2B social media space. There has not been any analyst coverage since 2005. Analyst coverage from WallStreet went null since Broadvision went on the brink of collapse when Vector Capital offered .84 a share for the entire company. There wasn't enough votes to have Vector Capital take over Broadvision so Broadvision remained independent. Since that time revenue has not improved. It's other two remaining products K2, and Quicksilver has had continued declines in revenue and maintenance revenue. ClearVale will not make a material dent to offset these declines in revenue. There are also numerous options in the social media space, and the barrier to entry is minimal, especially with the low overhead cost of creating this type of software from a startup. While this may keep costs low in terms of R&D, Broadvision will have to expand its salesforce which has declined from over 1,000 to under 200 today. As that expands so does its expenses. The real question is will Broadvision's ClearVale revenue expand enough to offset Broadvision's continued losses, and its negative cash flow problem? Over the past decade this seems unlikely.

Another reason is that until Broadvision creates some products that improves its presence in the marketplace, it will have to play catch up to the pure play social media leader Jive. There is a reason why brokerage houses have pushed Jive instead of Broadvision. Broadvision has been dead money for nearly a decade. As management continued to hire employees while business in the sector had went in a free fall. Broadvision has also done very little in terms of their revenue for nearly a decade as it has continued to decline up till its most recent report.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lebed NIA Pump And Dump Broadvision BVSN

Revisiting equities recently I've discovered Lebed and it's recent pump and dump scam. Recently Lebed and the NIA (National Inflation Association) have been touting the great business of Broadvision. Unfournately, Lebed has touted countless equities and has had issues with the SEC.
Peter Schiff a well respected member in the investing community who has interest in the firm EuroCapital states that Lebed and the NIA misrepresent the companies that they tout.
Here are two videos that explain this:
A follow-up post will expand on the pump and dump with Lebed and the NIA. Proceed with extreme caution with Broadvision. Broadvision has lost investors over 98% of its original asset over the course of Broadvision's history if you were to cash out within this past week.

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