Monday, January 30, 2012

Lebed mPhase Technologies XDSL.OB

Lebed, famous for recently pumping Broadvision BVSN has also touted other stocks in the past.

One from the prior year was also touted by him as one of his top picks. That pick is mPhase Technologies. Around .60 he had touted this stock as the next big riser due to its patents.

When the pump doesn't work or has fulfilled Lebed obligation to their own stake and to their third party the stock craters.

Such as mPhase which is currently trading at $0.002. You wouldn't be able to cash a penny off of this stock because it is nearly worthless.

Here's an interesting article about Lebed and his prior top pump and dump:

This leads to question the intention of Lebed, and his other site in which he has an interest in, the NIA, National Inflation Association. Don't get caught in the tout of stocks such as Broadvision. The recent quarterly release speaks for itself.

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