Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broadvision BVSN CNBC Lebed NIA

CNBC provided an update regarding the Lebed tout.

The video regarding Broadvision starts at 1:57.

Broadvision stated in their conference call that they were in their quiet period, and couldn't explain why their stock had its irregular trading action. However, Broadvision didn't even send a note to CNBC regarding this. Unless Broadvision refutes this, Broadvision needs to continue to address this recent pump.

The issue with Broadvision at this point is that its destiny is tied to a penny stock promoter, Lebed, and NIA. Trust companies that grow their business and have a path to become profitable. Broadvision's revenue for the past decade has continued to decline.

The recent touting by Lebed only further damages Broadvison's reputation. After having the Wall Street community leave in droves since 2005 due to a lack of interest, and further declines in its business model, Lebed has chose this as his top pick for this year (probably due to its light float and the lack of coverage). The lack of coverage is more troubling than anything because Lebed has misinformed investors regarding Broadvision.

The NIA has stated its interest:

NIA currently owns 145,000 shares of BVSN. NIA agreed to a 60 day holding period on its initial position of 122,000 shares starting from the date that NIA first suggested the company, but NIA intends to sell these 122,000 shares at some point in the future after the date of February 12th, 2012. NIA intends to sell its additional 23,000 shares of BVSN and can sell them at any time. NIA reserves the right to accumulate additional shares of BVSN at any time. NIA's co-founders
have also been referred business in the past from somebody who has filed as a large BVSN shareholder. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

Look for future volatility depending on the misinformation that Lebed, and NIA continues to provide to its investors. Please look at prior posts regarding this misinformation.

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