Monday, February 13, 2012

NIA Continues Tout of Broadvision BVSN

The National Inflation Association recently sent out another tout of Broadvision. In this recent tout it compared Broadvision to Jive Software.

NIA stated the number of customers in comparison with the amount of dollars spent for the number of customer wins.

Unfortunately, what NIA does not mention is the quality of customers that Broadvision had won.

Here's a list of Broadvision's customers:

Compare that with that of Jive:

There is no contest to whom the larger more well capitalized and known brands prefer.

Let's add another competitor, Lithium:

Again, the quality of customers are more profound. NIA continues its verbiage without citing that Broadvision continues to lose money year over year and has seen its revenue go from $400+ million to 17 million during the past decade. Customers continue to leave its current K2 and QuickSilver platform for other more modernized database.

Jive won 40 new customers, while Broadvision won 32 new customers. Yet, when you look at the quality of customer wins Broadvision is clearly facing an uphill battle versus companies that have Wall Street supporters, and Venture Capital funding. Broadvision only near term viable option is to dilute its shareholders further to raise capital. Besides that Broadvision has had a history of shafting its shareholders with prior reverse splits.

If you would like to partake in a quality company in the space there are more favorable options than Broadvision. I would go so far to compare this to Microsoft versus Corel. If anyone has followed software Microsoft Office had taken market share over the less capitalized Corel and its Wordperfect suite. Hence, if you look it up Corel was bought out by Vector Capital.

Guess who made a bid that potentially went through? The same Vector Capital that once bidded for Broadvision for .84 a share.

They actually had once offered a discount to what the shares were worth in the market.

Think that the NIA has made a great analysis of Broadvision? NIA has also failed to disclose its involvement with Barry Honig of Marlin Capital. Whom has had numerous lawsuits against him.

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