Saturday, February 4, 2012

Broadvision Jive Facebook Lebed

Lebed continues to spread false information regarding Broadvision and Jive. In the latest tout Lebed states

"I believe Clearvale has much bigger potential than Engage. JIVE has a lot more customers because they have been around longer, but over the long-term I expect BVSN to surpass JIVE like Facebook surpassed MySpace a few years ago."

Broadvision has been a public company much earlier than Jive. Since when has Jive been around longer?

Here's a briefing of Jive's history:

Lebed also states that:

"For BVSN, I believe its upside potential is astronomical with very limited downside risk. I believe the enterprise social space will eventually become the hottest industry to invest in on Wall Street and BVSN is positioned to lead the industry."

He has not stated the downside risk. He had not mentioned the continued decline in revenue year over year for the last ten years.

Nor has he mentioned that there are other competitors who have more capital, and have invested in more R&D than Broadvision.

Broadvision has continued to burn cash with little prospects of a revenue rebound to offset their continued legacy losses from both K2 and QuickSilver.

The bottom line is what made Broadvision a $1 billion dollar market cap has suffered tremendous shift from its corporate customers to other database providers. The shift through ClearVale has NOT helped it avoid continued yearly revenue and cash flow declines.

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