Friday, July 3, 2009

Continued weak employment numbers - Manpower Recruiters

From the numbers released on Thursday unemployment ticked up again to 9.5% in the United States. With no real sign of stablizing in the job market, and a lack of clairty going forward. There is no reason to think any different with recruiting firms such as Manpower.

From their recent 10-K filing most of their major markets are down across the board. Just as with peers announcing a weak job market - I don't feel any different in regards to Manpower or any of the other recruiting competitors.

Manpower will be releasing its numbers later on this month, which I am sure many are looking forward. It is one thing to build scale in a business - but as we have seen the larger the scale the more likely they will fall during a downturn, and this is no different.

Once the economy and all the excess government stimulus wears off another downturn will resume. This will affect employment along with those that are under employed. This hasn't been brought up much in the mass media as much as unemployment. This continues to be a major problem not only in developed countries; but also in the emerging markets.

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