Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Workplace Discrimination @ workexposedblog.com

There is an interesting blog at :


That looks at the stats of White testers versus Minorities testers. It's some very interesting statistics. There must be a high degree of discrimination in countries such as Australia.

Discrimination is well profound. Especially, in countries such as Australia.
It is not ideal if you have plans to work for an employer and you are a minority in Australia.


Seems as if getting an interview is a known problem especially among immigrants there.
It'll be interesting to see how Manpower Australia deals with this. Manpower may want to lighten it's recruiting base there if this presents a longer term problem, amid the competition and tension between Whites and Minority applicants. Especially, since the situation has only mildly improved since the early 70's. Some markets I don't find very lucrative due to under lying discrimination such as this. Seems to deflat any innovation that is present.

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