Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lebed National Inflation Association NIA Shenanigans

Recently the NIA recent their recent tout of Broadvision with some additional fluff.

"We don't expect BVSN to dominate this space like Facebook dominates their space. Remember, even just a very small 3% market share and price/sales ratio of 10 (Facebook's price/sales ratio is 27), would give BVSN a market cap of $1.92 billion and a share price of $417 in 2016! The market is forward looking, so NIA expects BVSN to trade at substantially higher levels in the days and weeks to come!"

The NIA which is an unlicensed entity is again touting stocks with arbitrary valuations that it states, even as they continue to sell with limited disclosure in their near daily touting.

What the NIA hasn't presented to the investing community is that Broadvision CFO recently filed to sell 180,000+ shares to the market. NIA continues to tout a looming "short squeeze" even as the CFO himself is releasing additional shares to the market.

As stated in the filings and on the

"perhaps the biggest news of the night came from CFO, Shin-Yuan Tzou, who filed to sell 180,713 shares at $40.73"

Don't get sucker punched by the non-stop touting by the NIA who has only ruined their own reputation by jumping on the bandwagon of selected quotes by a number of well known individuals.

Don't forget that this company continues to bleed cash and faces looming and continued drop in revenue. With only one prospect for potential revenue growth with ClearVale their entire future lies on this one product line. If they fail which there is a huge possibility amid the numerous competitive space that Broadvision is present then there may be continued dilution of Broadvision shares. This includes potentially raising funds to fix this decade long mess that Broadvision has presented itself with.

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