Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Broadvision BVSN

Today another organization released information regarding Broadvision. The continuous hype by the National Inflation Association has been countered by the Association of International Deflation Society (AIDS).

A must read below regarding the shenanigans by Broadvision, Lebed, and the National Inflation Association (NIA) itself.



  1. very interesting that this supposed 'aids' society website was created on March 6, 2012 - must be some disgruntled person who shorted BVSN and has an axe to grind against the NIA.

  2. humor lost on some, apparently...

  3. What a joke! Association of International Deflation Society warns investors to get out of Broadvision (BVSN), calling it their top stock to avoid. That domain was registered and that website created just minutes before that story broke. This is simply an effort to manipulate the stock, forcing down the price, so the naked shorts can get in. BVSN has been on the naked short list for 33 days, and is listed as imminent buyin. Just prior to that ridiculous story breaking BVSN was at a 52-week high. Anyone that got out as a result was seriously fooled. Watch and see this stock go through the roof! Next week is Digital London, and Broadvision is a founding sponsor of the event. You can bet they’re gonna wow that crowd!

  4. Yeah, it's so humorous that 337k shares were sold. I guess the humor was lost on quite a few folks!


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