Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Robert Half International Q3 09

Robert Half International reported .02 better than First Call consensus of .04 estimate. Revenue fell year o/ year 37.4% to 725.9 million which was light of the $729.3 million consensus.

"While the global business environment during the third quarter remained challenging, year-over-year revenue declines in our staffing operations continued to moderate and, on a sequential basis, we saw some improvement in revenues in September."


My take on RHI is that they did a remarkable job of cost cutting, and continues to operate with what they got. They don't have any plans to add space, thus they have controlled their debt at remarkable levels. 

The take from the conference call is that they see business for the most part stabilizing. Although, it is too early to tell if this will be more then a mild up tick.

Margins have been affected mildly, while they are able to grow near their top line revenue.

Perm employment has also been better then expected, although this is a highly variable space.

I wouldn't invest in RHI till there is more stabilizing, although I do find that their business is mildly attractive due to the very low debt, and very good cost controls.

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