Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Manpower 3Q 09 better then expected; 4Q 09 Warning

Manpower reported earnings .09 better then First Call estimates, and revenues fell 26.0% year over year at $4.19 billion versus 3.95 Billion consensus.

Manpower issues downside guidance for the 4th quarter. It sees EPS of .17 - .27 vs. .28 consensus.

"We continued to experience sluggish demand for our services as the labor markets throughout the world were hampered by lack of demand for companies' products and services."


Pretty lackluster report. Margins was lower then anticipated, cost controls were not as strong as they could have been. Debt continues to restrict MAN from making sound investment.

Took some one time charges, which wasn't advantageous to their bottom line.

Guidance was very weak compared to the comps, which I have been very vocal that even after today's drop in stock price is dramatically overvalued. advised it's readers to sell prior to earnings.

-S&P Research advised its clients to sell MAN, after Manpower announced its earnings.

Near term this stock should continue to fall, as their just reported quarter is historically their strongest of the year. The 4th qt. may become seasonally weak, which they have already warned in their guidance. Guidance was extremely disappointing considering that most analysts had very tepid estimates, and didn't raise much in terms of their estimates as Manpower's stock appreciated. Still MAN is having continued operating problems. Since 2007, its earnings, net income, and EPS has declined year o/ year.

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