Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fewer planning to add in the 4Q 2009

"The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey released Tuesday shows 8 percent of surveyed employers in the area plan to hire workers from October to December, while 9 percent are planning to cut employees. Three-quarters of all surveyed employers aren’t planning any change for staffing levels, while 8 percent said they’re uncertain of hiring plans.

The nationwide outlook for the fourth quarter found more employers planning to take action, though more are eyeing cuts than additions. Manpower’s national survey of more than 28,000 employers found 12 percent plan to hire, 14 percent plan to cut and 69 percent don’t plan any changes.

Manpower noted that while the majority of employers plans to hold staffing levels steady or add workers, the employment outlook for the fourth quarter was weaker for all regions of the U.S. compared with last year. The outlook for the Midwest, compared with other regions, was stable, the Milwaukee-based firm said."

Source: Business First

As I have continued to point out that growth in hiring continues to be weak. Moving along the bottom does not mean growth. It'll be interesting to see if the stimulus will lead to job growth or not. Without a temporary pop in the growth of jobs, another recession maybe coming.

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